Sunday, January 12, 2014

A reindeer hat for a little calf

If you are born to a sami father, and has the working name "little reindeer" you have to have a little reindeer hat, right?

The pattern can be found over at Im topsy turvy, the yarn i used was Drops Fabel, that i had lying around.

Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm back, and with a finished Baktus

No I neither drowned or stayed in Indonesia (although one was tempting) but I just didnt have any energy for crating or blogging when I got home. A post-diving depession? Anywho, Im now a knitting divemaster! And I've got be craty-energy back! Thank godness.

The Baktus scarf has been on a long nice hiatus over the summer (kind of like this place), but since autumn is creeping in, i started to feel that it would be the perfect everyday scarf. The only thing left on it was making a crochet border and adding tassels.

It's was a boring knit (I made it way to big), but i'm happy with the results.

The Yarn is Fantasi from Järbo (multi colored) and some unidentified that i had lying around, might be some kind of alpaca blend, I's quite similar to drops alpaca. Pattern for Baktus here, although it's so damn simple you don't really need one unless you are a beginner.

Now I need to finish off a lace shawl I've lost steam on (but the rows are so loooong now..) and I also have a baby hat in the works, for a little critter soon to be entering the world.

Friday, June 7, 2013

My new Ipad cover

Since I've bought a keyboard to my ipad in hopes of not having to carry my laptop around anylonger (It's days are counted, and I though the poor laptop and my poor shoulders would be happier if it stays at home), i also needed a new ipad cover, big enough to fit both keyboeard and ipad. Not that big, since its a super slim keyboard (logitech, love it), but it still needs just a bit more space.

I took it as an opportunity to try a "real" quilted project for the first time. To be honest, I'm nor entierly sure about the terminology here. Are quilted always with padding? Is it otherwise patch-work? Well any how, first time using padding.

The fabrics i used are dark green cotton from my first dress (that I'm yet to post, i know..), light green from an old sheet i used to make a pair of prototype harem pants that ended up way to big, and some striped quilting cotton. Lining is plain withe cotton.

Kind of (sloppy) tutorial:

1. I made fabric strips and sewed them together
2. I added the padding and quilted it (again, im out on deep water with the terminology here)
3. added the lining right side to right side of quilted fabric and sewed addid a piece of elastic to the top for closure, and flipped so the lining ended up on the other side of the padding.
4. I folded the now long rectangular cover a bit under the middle, and left about 10 cm on one side for the flap, and top stitched around.
5. Added button.

Voilá and all that.

It was a fun project that I did from start to finish in one sitting. Just took a small break when this happend...

It's gonna come with me to Indonesia, leaving on friday, Woooo!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sixtens Gooseberry Sweater

This friday I will actually post an FO! Im usually wortless at this, since it takes me about 1 hot second from finishing something untill I'm all up in something new. This little sweater is for a super charming little man I visited in March. While I was there I knitted him a berry hat, and since he looked like the cutes little gooseberry ever, I felt an urge to make a matching sweater. Me, the little gooseberry and gooseberry-mom went yarn shopping togeather. And this is the result!

The Pattern is Little Coffee Bean, available as a free ravelry download. It's knitted top down, which was super easy, fast and fun. I will definitely use that pattern again. The size is 1 year, modified as I went along, measuring on Sixten. The yarn is Cotton Time from Schanchenmayr (please dont make me pronounce that), 100% cotton. The dark green stitches are not knitted in but sewn on afterwards.

To be honset it's not 100% done, I still need to block it. But close enough. All in all, quite happy.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

When you leave nerds alone

My husband decided to put his own touch on our bedroom decore while I was away visiting friends. Guess which part?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lace curtain thriftin'

Im buying lace curtains at the thrift shop, what have I become? Grandma? (Well grandma never really had lace curtains, I think she is to modern for that).

I find newer lace that I've seen to be a bit blotchy for my taste, but these old curtains are light with small details. Pristine condition as well. They are probably going hang infront of our "wardrobe", which is an alcove more then an actual wardrobe.

I laso bought some 70ies cotton print fabric that I cant make up my mind weather it's fun or hideous. But they where both a steal, so I can sleep on it.

Not very gangsta

13 year old metal me would cry... and 15 year old hip hop me. But 6 year old me would understand.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tinted glass

I just can't seem to get enough of it. Bought these two yellow tinted glasses, and a small blue assiette at the thrift shop. I think it's my loning for spring that makes me extra drawn to light and brigh thinks at the moment.