Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ordning och Reda / Organizing Inspiration theme

There is a inspiration theme going on over at the Swedish blog called Fabriken (I found it today), the theme is "Ordning och Reda" (which google translates to orderliness, can any US/English native tell em if that really is a word? anyhow.. lets call it organization).

Organization is not always my strongest card, but I'm working hard at it and getting better. I have two storage solution previously posted on this blog that I'm particulary satisfied with.

First of, my (by far) most popular project, the DIY framed table organizer

It's perfect for storing papers and notes, pencils and other nick nacks you want to have easily accessible 

I keep seeds, nut and almonds in the small glass drawers in the middle, and in the bigger ones i have different kinds of flour, sugar and oats. I love not having to dig out all different packages when baking, spilling all around me since there is always some hole somewhere in one of the flour bags. It was a thrift find of my step mother but since she didn't use it, I got it. Lucky me, right?

Check out all the other organizing inspirations over at fabriken! (Even if you don't know Swedish you can look at the pretty pictures)

(Thanks to Popetotorora for posting your organizing inspiration leading me to Fabrikens blog)

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