Friday, September 20, 2013

I'm back, and with a finished Baktus

No I neither drowned or stayed in Indonesia (although one was tempting) but I just didnt have any energy for crating or blogging when I got home. A post-diving depession? Anywho, Im now a knitting divemaster! And I've got be craty-energy back! Thank godness.

The Baktus scarf has been on a long nice hiatus over the summer (kind of like this place), but since autumn is creeping in, i started to feel that it would be the perfect everyday scarf. The only thing left on it was making a crochet border and adding tassels.

It's was a boring knit (I made it way to big), but i'm happy with the results.

The Yarn is Fantasi from Järbo (multi colored) and some unidentified that i had lying around, might be some kind of alpaca blend, I's quite similar to drops alpaca. Pattern for Baktus here, although it's so damn simple you don't really need one unless you are a beginner.

Now I need to finish off a lace shawl I've lost steam on (but the rows are so loooong now..) and I also have a baby hat in the works, for a little critter soon to be entering the world.