Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Candle Flame Cowl

Look, i just found out that you can add captions, fancy!

I'm considering casting on a lace cowl again. They seem to have becom my favourite kind of project, no assembly, a bit of a challenge, comfy and nice looking. This one is a pretty basic candle flame pattern cowl i made for my mother in law for her birthday. I stuck with something i knew i could handle to be sure i would have something not to be ashamed to give another knitter as a gift.

I would have wanted it a bit wider to give it more slouch, but other than that im pretty happy with it. It's knittet with 100% Alpaca, so it super soft and cozy.
I even caught her wearing it on a day when she didn't know we would see each other, success!

The finished thing, with a pin i bought at the yarn shop

Perhaps I should challenge myself and try one that's not as thick and have even more of a lace feel to it.
On the other hand, you can never have to many thick, soft and warm cowls, or perhaps that's just my really cold hands talking...

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :) I'm so glad you like my quilt blocks :D best of luck with your first quilt too! It's quite addictive!
    I love your crosshatch fabric below, I really need some - can you tell me who is it by?
    Jessie, xo
    p.s. you might want to add your email add to your blogger profile so ppl can reply via email to comments you leave on other people's blogs :) It's what most people do :)