Friday, February 8, 2013

Consolid... I'm-fantastic-prize

I got a happy suprise in the mail the other day. Well, kind of suprise, I knew something was on the way, since i was declared on of the winners of a consolation prize in the Craft & Creativity / Make & Create give away over at Hildas Hem.

Consolation prize sounds so.. sad, so I chose to see my self as one of 10 in second place!

So, I recived a nice blue parcel, with some tiny clothepins and glittery hama beads taped with to the front. And inside it was..

Half a kilo of colorful buttons in every size imaginable, from super tiny to really big and chunky!
Look at them! Don't they cheer you up just by their pure buttonessnes? (Yes I am making up words)

I spent a good long while sorting through them, and inspecting all the different kinds. In the end I sorted them roughly by size so that finding the right kind for the right project would be a bit easier.

Oh, and I found this one.

I'm not quite sure what it means? You love to make babies? You'd love to, Baby? (Love to what? Are you hitting on me, button?)

Big questions.

Anyway, I have a tutorial round up comming your way in honor to this great pile of buttons, so stay tuned for that.


  1. Åh dom är så himla fina knapparna!

    /sanna (

  2. Wow,those buttons are extremely happy!

  3. Vad roligt att du tyckte om ditt andrapris! ;-) Och vilken rolig knapp, någon sådan har inte jag fått i mina påsar! :-D