Friday, March 16, 2012

Charity and a set interchangable needles

I've been drooling after some interchangeable knitting needles for ages  (i despise double pointed needles), and when i saw an add in the paper asking for needles and materials for knitting/sewing/crochet courses for immigrants (i order for them to get out of the house, make friends and learn the language) i saw my perfect opportunity to but something expensive for my self, while covering it up like a good deed. Win-win (yes, except for the economy lose, shush).

I went trough my stash, sorting out odd skeins i did not see my self get around using, as well as copious amounts of double pointed needles, "normal" needles (what ever they are called) and circular needles (which are probably the most difficult thing to organise i have ever come across, damn dangly devil things). I only kept one set of straight needles in each size.

I also took the time to sort through my big bag of buttons I got from a flee makret. I hope someone at the sewing course likes the 80ies....

And then i whent and bought me a set of addiclick intechangable needles form my local yarn shop, feeling like a real samaritan. And they are awsome! Knitting with them is pure joy, so soft and bendy. More on that subject another time.

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  1. Hi there Sara,
    Today is the first time I visit your Blog,
    I like to crochet as a hobby, I really like interchange, but I live so far from you
    Kind regards