Friday, May 3, 2013

Sixtens Gooseberry Sweater

This friday I will actually post an FO! Im usually wortless at this, since it takes me about 1 hot second from finishing something untill I'm all up in something new. This little sweater is for a super charming little man I visited in March. While I was there I knitted him a berry hat, and since he looked like the cutes little gooseberry ever, I felt an urge to make a matching sweater. Me, the little gooseberry and gooseberry-mom went yarn shopping togeather. And this is the result!

The Pattern is Little Coffee Bean, available as a free ravelry download. It's knitted top down, which was super easy, fast and fun. I will definitely use that pattern again. The size is 1 year, modified as I went along, measuring on Sixten. The yarn is Cotton Time from Schanchenmayr (please dont make me pronounce that), 100% cotton. The dark green stitches are not knitted in but sewn on afterwards.

To be honset it's not 100% done, I still need to block it. But close enough. All in all, quite happy.


  1. What a sweet sweater! It will be adorable on the little one.

  2. Awesome sweater!

    Here's my FO:

  3. I'm sure the sweater looks great with the hat. Have a nice weekend. Regula