Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Fantastic Freebee

I went in to the paint and wallpaper shop the other day, and asked if they had some odd wallpaper bolts for sale, as i have a project requiring just a small amount in mind. Instead of just trying to sell me a bolt of expensive new wallpaper, the very nice man asked me if i was interested in an old wallpaper book? The kind the customers flip through while browsing.

He even asked me what it was for, and after roaming around the back he exclaimed "This one will be great!"
I don't know how he knew my soft spots, but he pulled a book containing new prints of old Swedish wallpapers. I was practically jumping on the spot. And i got it for free!

The best part of the book (well, the actual wallpapers are the best part) is that it contains a overview over the wallpapers, with original printing year and some history.

Happy Happy

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