Friday, February 3, 2012

Retro Crafting Booklets

One of my favourite things to look for at the thrift stores or flee markets are books and booklets on knitting, sewing or crocheting. I really enjoy the estetics of the 50ies and 60ies, and the 70ies can be fun aswell.

Femina Stickbok (Femina knittingbook), is one of my faves. It's pretty worn, but that might be from the fact that it's 55years old (printed in 1947). It has some really nice patterns, but i havent tried any of them out yet, mainly because i have a hard time to keep my enthusiasm up for a whole garnment, and tend to stick to smaller things that i can finish in a couple of nights.

The Bathingsuite, awsome isnt it? Dont know how practical a knitted bathingsuit is though. Find it pretty funny that the camera pose reminds me a lot about the picture-of-my-self-in-the mirror-pose plastered over every blog and facebook. She was obviously way before her time.

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