Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saturday entertainment

Where better to spend your Saturday than a place like this? None, I tell you, none. 

We took a trip to an antiquity shop 10 km outside of the city (Mattex Antik, for locals to Umeå).
So many pretty things, the place was quite big. In the end, we bought a beautiful mahogny cabinet for our bedroom. A bit expensive, but it was perfect, and i think it is going to stay with us for a loong time. I'll upload a picture when we have painted our bed room, the black(!) walls is not optimal for photography.

I wish i could have brought this lamp with me home as well, but 1700 sek (260 usd) is a tad more than I am willing to spend on something I might aswell bang my head into an break (Not even I, queen of clumsy, should be able to break a mahogny cabinet by bangning my head into it).

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