Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two-at-once knitting

So i gave this two-socks/gloves-at-the-time with magic loop thing a try. I always knit with magic loop when i knit in the round (it's the best, so long as you have relatively soft and bendy cables), but never tried the two-at-once thing.

The tutorial I used was from Knitting Giraffe. It was a bit tricky, with all the yarn ends dangeling about. It would have been easier if they werent the same color, but well, then the whole idea of doing two identical things at once woulde be lost.

I got the hang of it though, and after a couple of rows it became much easier. That did however coincident with the moment i realised that the cuffs of my Maplewood Mitts to be was way to big. Way.

I will still make them though, but i think i'll stick with one at the time.

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