Thursday, March 7, 2013

Knit and crochet for the air

Tomorrow, Friday, we are flying to Munich for the weekend. Hurray! I've been looking forward to this for so long, especially since it's my first time going away since the whole disc herniation ordeal.

Since I fly with just carry on luggage I don't want to take my interchangeable metal needles, since there seem to be no consensus what so ever if they are allowed on flights. Instead I'm bringing some short wooden needles and a bit of Järbo Raggi sock yarn for a small project I have in mind (that might result in a gift, hence the lack of details). I'm also bringing some of my cotton Tilda to make a few more granny squares. If they take my beautiful green hook I'll be seriously pissed, but It's the only size 5 i have. It should be allright. Right?

These small project should be enough to keep me entertained on the way there and back. I don't think there'll be much time for it while there, I'll be busy drinking beer and eating sausage and red cabbage.
Ah German food,  so cheap, so delicious.
We'll be visiting a Bundesliga game between Munich and Dusseldorf as well. I'm not really a sports person, but I can get enthusiastic about most things if I just put my mind to it. And they have beer, so all is well.

Since I know what yarn to pack I should be ready to go, right?

Have a nice weekend! Hope you get some quality time with friends and family as well, where ever you are.

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