Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lace curtain thriftin'

Im buying lace curtains at the thrift shop, what have I become? Grandma? (Well grandma never really had lace curtains, I think she is to modern for that).

I find newer lace that I've seen to be a bit blotchy for my taste, but these old curtains are light with small details. Pristine condition as well. They are probably going hang infront of our "wardrobe", which is an alcove more then an actual wardrobe.

I laso bought some 70ies cotton print fabric that I cant make up my mind weather it's fun or hideous. But they where both a steal, so I can sleep on it.

Not very gangsta

13 year old metal me would cry... and 15 year old hip hop me. But 6 year old me would understand.

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  1. You can never satisfy everyone, but one out of three younger selves is not that bad, huh? ;)