Sunday, March 17, 2013

My new toy / Husqvarna Emerald 116

Let me introduce to you out new family member, Husqvarna Emerald 116.
(Grannys old Husqvarna zig zag, may you rest in peace).

I've been so busy fixing the bedroom re-decorations chaos, taking care of my sick husband and working since we got home for Munich,  I't wasn't until yesterday I had the opportunity to spend some time with it. It sews like a dream, compared to my old one (not a difficult feat, I'll admit). I wont give you any illusions of a review, now or later, since I'm really not in a skill position to do so. I can however say that the automatic needle threader is complete junk since it more fiddly than threading your self, and the little sharp hook breaks the thread, but I can thread my own needle, no probs.

I made a children's hat practicing sewing in streachy materials, which I have no experence with. Im having another project in mind for this fabric, but I wanted a test run first. I used this tutorial from Blomma åker vagn (varning, swedish). It was super easy, fast and fun.
(Edit: forgot to mention, the fabric is cotton/lycra from swedish fabric chain stor Ohlssons)

I also made a prototype for a baby grab ball (end result will be something like this). I have crocheted a ball like this once (not fun) which you can see on my ravelry page, it turned out way to big but thats another story. This time Im going for sewing (hopefully more fun). I like the color combination of the fabrics, but i think I need to make the "leafs" a bit longer in proportion the the width to be able to assemble it properly.

I think this marks the start of a long friendship. In my family there is a tradition of animosity rather than friendship with sewing machines, but hopefully I can break that.

Love and Stiches from me.

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