Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New fabric and a crafty schedule

When to the thrift shop with my sister in law yesterday and cam home with this little pile of awsome fabric. It's quite thin and airy (and here is were yo realize I know absolutely nothing about fabrics), so I'm probably gonna make an infinity scarf out of it.  I love the charming pattern shifts, i got if for 25 sek (3.96 us dollar) and it's about 3 yards I'd say.

I also bought an old sheet just because i needed some yardage for a experimental sewing project I've got in mind..
In other news i have quite a crafty week ahead of me. Today I'm gonna check out a knitting café I haven't been to yet, in one of the yarn shops in town. Tomorrow I have some sewing planned, possibly with good company and a glass of wine. Thursday spells my usual knitting café (which will be the first time post-op, yay). I also need to get my sewing machine situation sorted, which probably means buying a new one. Sigh, I wish i could keep my old Husqvarna Automatic, but I'm simply not knowledgable enough to get it running smoothly.

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