Monday, February 4, 2013

Raspberry Sugar Cookies and Brownies - post Op baking

I get better each day, it's such a great feeling. The nausea is getting much better, and i have been able to do some knitting. Yesterday I ventured outside for the first time since the Op, all the way to the trash bin (although my knees where shaking afterwards). I even got some baking done , so a lot of things are possible with some well planned rest-sessions inbetween.

Raspberry Sugar Cookies - simple is often better

First, I made raspberry sugar cookies. It's just a basic batch of sugar cookie dough (without egg) such as this (for Swedes, I used this one)

* you roll it into small balls
* place them in paper baking cases/cups (not the giant muffin version)
* make a dent in the middle of each one and place a raspberry.

Bake for about 10 min (til' they looke nice and slightly brown) in 200° C  (approx 390° F)

I would say that is my best tip for sucess with these cookies, to go for whole raspberrys (frozen is fine) instead of (the traditional) jam. Jam tends to float out during baking and make them messy looking, and the cookies are sweet enough as it is.

I also made Brownies, something I'm not as familiar with. I used this recipe from Instructables.

Yummy Brownies from Instructables

They turned out fantastic, with the perfect gooeyness in the middle with a bit of crust on the edges. Mmmh.. They reminded me of the brownies my first longtime boyfriends mother used to make, a giant batch for all his firends. That, I think, really played into why we mosly hung around his place.

The recipe was a bit annoying since it was divided into pages, and the amounts where listed on the first page, and the instrucions on the following pages. But since the result was so good I forgive them.

I hade to bake it way longer than instructed, but I think that has to do more with our highly unpredictable oven than anything else.

That was yesterday. Today I have eaten them (not all of it...yet.), and made this blog post, and that is about it.

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