Friday, February 1, 2013

Closed for Renovations

What started out as a doctors appointment this Monday ended with a disc herniation operation. It was no supprise that It was going to happend, just that it was going to happend this week. I've spent 2 days at the hospital and are now at home recovering. I've recived flowers from friends and family in the other end of the country and visits from friends and family here at home, and my husband is Florence Nightingale reincarnated.

 I'm so glad to have it done, it was a long time comming, but the painkillers are making me stupid and i still feel quite dizzy, so I'll have to take some time of from both tinkerin and studying. Perhas I can get some knitting done on my Baktus scarf, but right now staring at stitches makes me queasy.

This blogpost is by far the most productive thing i've managed since the operation, teeth brushing on a close second place, so I'll leave it at this.

Be back soon, new and improved, with functions such as painfree sitting and walking.
Fantastic, right?

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