Wednesday, February 27, 2013

the 10 km scarf / WIP Wednesday

No, I have not gone completely mad and are planning to make a 10 km scar by my self. Im to easily bored to even finish of Baktus...

It's going to my my contribution to the 10 km scarf project, which started out here in Umeå, and have spread through Sweden, and also Europe. It's a joint projects where the goal is to knit a 10 km long scarf that is going to be show cased in 2014 when Umeå is the Europan culture capital. After that, the scarf is going to be cut up and made in to blankets and normal sized scarf for a orphanage in Russia for handicapped children. The combination of joined effort, a big ass scarf and charity really makes is something special, I think.

So, this week I started my contribution. I had almost 1 skein of Natur Uld left over from Owls which is the grey, the yellow is the yarn used for Maplewood (which are finished by the way, and will be posted on Friday) and the hot pink I just started with is just something I had laying about.

The only rules for the scarf is size 5 needles, 40 stitches, then knit away! So anyone can do it, newbie or pro. I chose garter stitch for fast progress and then a simple braid to keep me from going garter-mental.The scarf all in all is about 3600 meters atm, so there is quite a bit to go. Hopefully the project will keep on spreading and more people can chime in with a couple of inches here and there.

If you want to join in, just send me a message and i can provide more info and also give my address so you can send your contribution, and I'll make sure it gets delivered, with proper reference to you of course.

50 cm down, quite a bit to go. I'm aiming for 2 meters to start with.

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  1. I think this is the best project ever! Well done for taking part. I hope you finish it easily and without stress. Thank you for sharing :-)