Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The anatomy of a Semla / Semeldagen

Semla, here with intact top

Us Swedes seem to like having days designated to different sorts of bakery, we have waffle day, cinnamon bun day, and the most important of all, Semel day (Semeldagen/Fettisdagen). I don't know much about the other cases (I usually eat, content without knowing why precisely)  but this one has to do with being the last tuesday before the christian fast (which about not  many care about in Sweden, but we like our bakery).

Swedish blogs has been tattered with Semlor the last week, and Im gonna be no better. Bur for those of you not from these freezing bakery-goodness filled corner of the world i thought I'd present something helpful.

The Anatomy of the Semla!

Recipe? Ask Google, thats what I did.
Almond paste, I can tell you, is something close to marzipan, but with more almonds. Very easy to make your self with a food processor, 50% almonds, 50% sugar. Tada! Mine was store bought, because i didn't feel like it.

I am hereby placing my self in a bakery quarantine until further notice. I've become like Shirley the last couple of weeks...

Have a nice Semel evening!

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  1. Åh jag har aldrig varit ett stort fan av semlor. Men alltså igår tyckte jag det var olidligt med alla semlor på hela internet!