Saturday, February 4, 2012

A fast and easy knit

I finished a pair of half gloves yesterday while having some in between-time at work. The first one i made while sick earlier this week, and now the second one yesterday. They are just knitted squares sewn togeather, a bit wonky since i didnt block them, i think they will turn out to big if i do (didnt swatch, who makes a swatch while sick? And i never get those damn things to add upp with the finished knit anyway..).

A guest saw me knitting and laughed about the fact that i described them as a pair of half gloves to wear ontop of my spring gloves. Apparently, spring glovesis a funny notion for south africans.. Wouldnt want to wear these outside now though, yesterday on my way back from work it was -36. Nippy.

I knitted them with an Irish Moss Stich
1. k1, p1
2. Knit the knit stiches, Purl the purl stiches
3. p1, k1
4. 2. Knit the knit stiches, Purl the purl stiches

Nice and easy but still a bit more action than plain stockinette.

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