Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Today and a table

Today i'm going to swing by the fabric shop to buy some black cotton for an experiment with a thrift store find from last week. I'll also leave my really old sewing machine at the sewing machine doctor, if i decide i have the muscle to carry the 12 kg (26.5 pounds) thing all the way there, I'm not so sure..

Until then i leave you a picture I took of a color coordinated table at Karlsjans, all thrift store and flee market finds (Dear Stepmother, correct me if I'm wrong). Good stuff, or "Fint som snus" like us Swedes would say.

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  1. Blev litet förvånad när jag klickade fram nästa blogg och fann att det var någon som hade samma skålar m.m. precis som jag har. Sen kände jag igen alltihop - det ser ju riktigt snyggt ut! Lycka till med symaskinsdoktorn.