Monday, February 20, 2012

No 2. Kind of Practical Cookie Jar

No 2. The kind of practical cookie jar

This three tired cookie jar is from my mothers childhood home. All though storage is always practical, cookies never survive long enough in my home for it to really become useful. I love the looks of it though, and it's in top condition, unlike some others I've seen at flee markets (for absurd prices). 

 When i received it from my mother I got instructions of which kinds of cookies it was supposed to hold. I remember Coconut cookies and shortcrust cookies with jam. I do not, however, remember the third one.

Shortcrust cookies with jam, from Fru Fantastisk
Coconut cookies, unkown source

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  1. Du borde ju bakat och tagit bilderna själv, alltså. Det får nog bli en liten skärpning där. Du borde kunna hinna ta fotot innan kakorna är slut. Snygg burk.