Monday, February 20, 2012

No 1 in a series of three, The very Practical Kitchen Organizer

I love filling my kitchen with thrift finds instead of new things. Some are more practical than others.
In a short series i will show 3 of my favourite things, ranging from "practical" to "not at all very practical but oh so pretty".

 First up, something very practical:

No 1. Glass Organizer.

This glass organizer is a thrift find i got from my step mother. It stood all alone and unused at her house, and after some careful hinting, it was allowed to move in to my kitchen.
It holds sugar, flour, seeds and oat meal among other things, and is not just pretty but very practical. I love the green hue of the glass.

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  1. Kul att den kom till användning. Fin bild.